At TSPCL, we are prepared to advise you how on to maximise the impact of your next promotion based on your bottom line. Thus helping you choose the most appropriate mechanic to bring you the best returns on your investment.

We are here to help you create and develop the best sales promotion to influence consumer behaviour and drive your sales. We work closely with your team to develop an intimate understanding of your sales promotion


Our Fixed Fees Sales Promotion solutions can cover

  • Standard Free Mail-ins
  • Instant Wins
  • Money-off Coupons
  • Try Me Frees
  • Taste Guarantee
  • Taste Challenge
  • Scratch Cards
  • Online Promotions
  • Cash Back
  • Samples

Or any other that you may design and deploy


Our Solutions can save you from:

  • Promotion mechanic being wrong
  • Promotion communication being wrong
  • Premium supplier failure
  • Product quality not as per specifications
  • Handling house failure
  • Handling house service not up to standard
  • Promotion over redeems
  • Most importantly you do not exceed your budget


Some real world examples

A brand offered free flight promotion.

The promotion offered consumers free tickets to USA when a unit of the brand was purchased.The cost of the unit was considerably less than the price of the tickets. The promotion over redeemed heavily.

A brand offered Free Gift In-Pack

A brand offered special promotional packs of their product containing a free gift. The promotion was to be featured in all major multiples gondola ends at significant cost to the brand. The gift was purchased from a UK supplier who imported it from overseas. The gift arrived in the UK later than scheduled and 90% were rejected due to a manufacturing fault. The brand had to spend a significant extra amount of money to deliver the promotion.